May 1, 2012

Change Is Good

Repeat after me....change is good. I feel better when I change the position of my pillow when I sleep. I feel good when I start eating a new food (I'm on a yogurt kick these days). And it definitely feels great when something you've been working on gets a big thumbs up. But... I have to convince myself sometimes that change is good, even if I prefer not to change a thing.

During the past couple of months, I've made a huge change in my diet. It wasn't about vanity. Heck, I would have done this years ago if it was all about looks. No, I made the change to improve my health. My 17-year-old daughter made us take a long, hard look at the foods we were consuming. She made some health decisions on her own that inspired the rest of us to make some changes too. Thanks to her, we are all eating better than we have ever eaten before (we were already eating a fairly healthy diet) and we're all exercising more than ever. My husband and my youngest daughter are runners, so they're always off trekking through pine groves and over grassy fields. My oldest daughter and myself are walkers, yoga enthusiasts (this is very recent), and get-off-your-butt-any-way-you-can-and-move kinda gals. Alone,'s all good.

And, to top it all off, my landlord asked if I would be willing to move my studio yet again (move #3 in this building) and I didn't even hesitate to answer, "of course". The room size and configuration wasn't even on my mind as I (and several strong men) moved all of my things into the new space. I took it as a challenge to reinvent my space yet again. To make it work for both teacher and student. And to enjoy the process of creating something new from the very same things I've been working with for years. When I was done, I took a good long look and I really liked what I saw. It still amazes every time I see a makeoverwhether it's mine or someone else'sthe smallest changes can make the biggest difference.


Kate said...

Absolutely. I bet the space looks great!

Anonymous said...

Please share photos of your space, we are the cobblers without shoes, so be proud and show off!

Kimberly Merritt said...

Will do! Thanks for stopping by.